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Modèle de contrat d'échanges

Modèle de contrat d'échanges

Both parties agree to exchange their property. This exchange is made with no purpose of monetary gain, and no monetary compensation, nor any other financial transaction is to take place. This exchange relies on trust and each family engages to take care of the other family’s property as if it were their own.

Each party agrees to lend their property during a mutually agreed period, while respecting the terms and conditions on this contract.

Both members must fill out and sign this contract, and each member must keep a copy. We strongly suggest that you send us a copy as well, for archiving and statistics.

The annulment of this contract can result in prosecution from the prejudiced party, in order the recover the expenses incurred. The exceptions are cases of absolute necessity or illness, justified by a medical certificate.

This contract is made between the two parties mentioned below. The exchange service (HandySwap) from the website cannot be held responsible in case of non-respect of the contract, whatever the cause.

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