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How it works?

How it works?

How does it work? In twenty steps!

  1. Create your offer

It is necessary to sign up to the HandySwap exchange service on the website in order to post your offer and contact other members. Once your subscription has been validated, you can present and describe the property to swap.

  1. 2.    Present your property

You need to take the time to create a complete and attractive description of your property. Twenty to thirty lines allow for a good description. The goal is to include the important information concisely. Add details to improve your offer, like a nice view, a balcony, a garden, a swimming pool, internet access, bikes, etc.

  1. 3.    Describe the equipment

To attract other members, take the time to list and precisely describe all the equipment that contributes to the autonomy and accessibility for handicaps. 

  1. 4.    Enrich your offer with photographs

Members always start by looking at the photos when they see an offer. Adding quality pictures is the best way to improve your offer. It’s the first point of selection. Generally, these pictures provoke confidence and interest, especially if you include a picture of you or your family. A good camera or a professional with good lighting can really bring out a good result.

  1. 5.    Go further: add a video (included in the price)

A video really highlights your property. It can result in more interest, as it can reassure people. A quick video (1:30 minutes maximum) with your smartphone or camera showing the interior of the house is a good addition to your offer.

  1. 6.    Your offer available internationally

Each offer is automatically translated into four languages: French, English, Spanish and German.

  1. 7.    Highlight your neighbourhood and region

Describing the highlights, like a museum, a castle, a good pastry shop, and any other activities you think are worthwhile, members will be able to imagine themselves in your environment. Therefore, do not hesitate to add everything you would suggest for your friends to visit in your region. You just need to put yourself in place of your guests, who do not know your neighbourhood nor region. It’s a must have!

  1. 8.    State your expectations clearly

The concept of home exchange relies on trust. We advise you to communicate with this in mind, making your expectations clear: what you offer, and also what you wish in exchange. Having a direct and honest discussion with your future partner it’s the base of a trustworthy exchange.

  1. 9.    Three options available
  2. Simultaneous exchange, which happens when members exchange their property at the same time.
  3. Non-simultaneous exchange, which happens when the exchange takes place in two different parts. For example, member A will go to member B’s house for a week during spring, and member B will go to member A’s house for a week in the autumn. Each one has to plan ahead to be away from home when the partner visits.
  4. Hospitality exchange, which happens when member A receives member B and vice versa at different dates.


10. How much does it cost?

From 90€ (with tax) per year, with diminishing costs according to the length of subscription. This subscription allows you to publish your offer and have access to the international database on the website.

11. Find the ideal partner

The service was established, so that you can choose your exchange parter as easily as possible. Targeted searches by type of property or handicap allow you to find exactly what you are looking for.

12. Multiply your propositions

Be proactive: Do not hesitate to contact other members in order to exchange with them and confirm your impressions. Reply to all the messages you get, even if the answer es negative. A cordial contact will, certainly, make a good future exchange. The community charter will guide you through agreeable relationships with other members. The keywords are: honesty and respect!

13. Achieve the perfect exchange

It is imperative to meet your partner by e-mail or by telephone/Skype to agree on dates, equipment and any other pertaining details. Once you have reached an agreement, do not hesitate to fill out a type contract that we propose, and send us a copy. This will allow us to follow up and build up statistics on the exchanges our services have made possible.  Moreover, think of verifying phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and also comments from other members. Get to know your partner as much as possible!

14. Before you go: let your neighbours know

Let your neighbours, friends or family of the presence of your partner at your house, so they won’t be surprised. That way, your neighbours can also become guides and friends of your guests.

15. You can always say no

If you think a prospective partner is not convenient enough for you and doesn’t give you enough information, or the proposed property is not adapted to the accessibility level required, or simply you prefer not to exchange with this person, you have the right to say no. No matter the reason, you just need to inform the prospective partner in a clear and polite manner. 

16. Don’t forget the emergency contact numbers

Even though we include these numbers in the presentation of your property, it is advisable to leave a list to your partners with all the important numbers: police, fire department, doctor, physiotherapist, delivery services, and anyone who can help in relation to their needs. Moreover, think about leaving the contact information for someone you trust in the neighbourhood, or close family, who can help in case there is a problem. Finally, in case of car exchange, don’t forget to ask your insurance provider about a driver change.

17. Be inspired by HandySwap

Be curious! Let HandySwap suggests countries or regions where you would not have thought about going. The goal is to discover new places with the best conditions of accessibility and trust. 

18. Write your comments when you return home

Comments on the exchange service of the website mean a lot at the choosing stage. After every exchange, write your comments, positive and negative, the strong and weak points as well.  Give concrete examples, and, above all, highlight what you think is of the most importance to other members. We build trust in reference to your comments.

19. Have fun and enjoy!

Life’s treasures don’t depend on the money you spend. The most important thing is to have fun, to discover, and to enjoy. The HandySwap service can help you travel wherever you want with full confidence, and you won’t pay lodging fees for these great experiences.

20. Think about updating your offer

Updating your offer is very important, especially when you specify exchange dates. We advise you to be as flexible as possible, as it would be a shame to miss an occasion, when a common date could be found. Moreover, updating your pictures, talking about any refurbishments, etc., shows other members that you are active on the website, which also inspires trust. Keep an open mind to new discoveries!

Safe travels!

The HandySwap Team